There are many different injection systems out on the market but our denture system is one of the most efficient denture fabrication systems on the market. Our system stream-lines fabrication cycles through our innovative machinery and our superior denture resins.


What are the benefits of our Snow Rock Denture System?

  • Sulfon Furnace can melt up to six resins at a time.
  • Jet 7000 will inject resins in one easy motion.
  • Jet Flask has a patented design that will use less plaster; it also has two holes, one on the top and one on the bottom of the flask, to let the waxes pass through the flask as it is de-waxing.
  • Jet De-waxer will automatically de-wax two flasks without de-flasking in twenty minutes; the used wax will be collected into a pot that can be easily disposed after de-waxing.
  • Jet Washer Pro will automatically de-wax eight flasks without de-flasking in fifteen minutes; the machine comes with two steam guns, one on each side, for your convenience.

What are the benefits of using our Snow Rock Denture System in conjunction with our Acry-Tone™ and Rezen NF™?

  • Advanced Technology

    Through careful research and development, we were able to produce a flexible acrylic with 5x less residual monomers than traditional heat-cured dentures. Acry-Tone™ is comfortable, hypoallergenic, easily finished, fully repairable, and relinable. Apply Acry-Tone™ for all of your denture fabrication needs including full dentures!

    Rezen NF™ is a polyamide-based resin that is flexible and unbreakable. Reline, add on prosthetic teeth, and adjust dentures easily with Rezen NF™.

  • Convenience 

    With our Snow Rock Denture System, you can now use ONE injector for both acrylic and nylon based resins. Acry-Tone™ and Rezen NF™ comes packaged as an ingot resin, same as our competitors’ nylon and vinyl-based resins, so your technicians no longer handle monomers ever again. 
    With our denture systems and denture resins, one can fabricate dentures within two hours from start to finish.

  • Efficiency

    With our newly patented Jet Washer Pro, you can automatically de-wax eight flasks within 15 minutes when used in conjunction with our specially-designed and patented Jet Flask.
Snow Rock Denture Systems, simplicity and innovation at its best.